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Getting your hearing back is powerful. Experience the thrill of reconnecting to the world around you.

What’s air got to do with it?

The most essential part of hearing is air molecules. We live in an ocean of air molecules packed densely together all around us. Unseen to the naked eye, we breathe them in and out, exchanging gases within the molecules. Sound is actually created when air molecules bump into one other which you perceive with your eardrums. Clap your hands together, and you disturb the molecules. The harder or softer you clap corresponds directly with how loud or quiet the sound of your clapping. Pretty amazing, right? There’s more to the story, and this is just the beginning…

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Man looking at himself questioningly in a mirror

Why am I here?

Most likely you’re here because you or someone you love is experiencing hearing loss. You’re looking for answers, and you need to talk with someone you can trust. Hearing loss can have negative impacts on your life—loneliness, depression, increased stress, and more. I understand what you’re going through, and I can explain what’s happening and how we can correct it.

Grandfather and grandson chatting while eating ice cream

So, what makes us so great?

Do you really want to know? Of course you do! Look, the cheetah can run the fastest, the eagle can soar the highest, but what’s the best that can man do? Trust me, it isn’t the greatest ice cream consumption. Find out what your hearing has to do with your greatness and your life!

Apollo 11 Astronaut

No one can hear you scream in space.

Yes, we can all remember the movie right? But it’s based on fact (not the movie, but sound in space)! Find out how man was able to put an astronaut on the moon just by controlling the simple air molecule. Trust me, it’s not how you might think!

Woman having trouble hearing

Sound check

Not sure what’s going on with your hearing? Find out the good, the bad, and the ugly. Click the button below, and do not be afraid! It’s interesting, and it’s important!

Man rubbing his temples looking weary

Ringing in your ears?

“So Doc, I’ve got this ringing in my ears. If I’m not already crazy, I will be after listening to this. Can you tell me what it is?” Find out what Tinnitus is all about and what can be done to help it!

Hip old man with headphones, cell phone, coffee, tattoos

Hearing aids are cool!

Okay, a hundred years ago, they were a reversed horn placed up to your ear to hear better. Not anymore! Now hearing aids are empowering and transforming lives! Plus they do it in a way that is exciting and hip! Your friends will be envious! Find out why hearing aids can make you want to jump for joy and sing their praises! I’ll show you how they work these days. No, they’re not ear trumpets on steroids!

Chris Clukey, Audiologist

My hearing aid guy

I’m Chris Clukey, resident Audiologist, and I’m your guide on this journey of discovery. I founded Dover Audiology in 2004, and I’ve been serving the Penquis area ever since. I’m passionate about helping patients solve their hearing problems, and I can help you too! Find out more about me and why so many people have placed their trust in my expertise again and again.

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Get in touch

Ready to start the conversation? Great! Get started on your journey to better hearing and reconnect to your life. Good hearing promotes good relationships and keeps you safe. It keeps your brain working and thinking positively. It empowers you to lead your everyday life without limitations. Making this journey will be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made!


Welcome to the magical world of the unseen:

The world of better hearing.

Dealing with hearing loss is difficult, confusing, and even embarrassing. You’ve got questions and Chris has answers.

But guess what?

Hearing aids are cool! Yes, you heard me right, hearing aids! They reconnect you to the world around you. They get your mind working again and help you live a fuller life; improving your relationships with family, friends, and nature. Getting your hearing back is wonderful!

You can expect…

Comprehensive Auditory Evaluations

Dr. Chris provides a step-by-step plan of action ensuring complete, customized coverage of your unique needs.

Friendly & Courteous Service

Dover Audiology is a safe place to ask questions and learn about yourself and your hearing from someone who genuinely cares.

Free Hearing Aid Trials

If you need them, with the care and respect you deserve, Dr. Chris will send you on a journey to rediscover the world of better hearing.


Happy Patients

“Very knowledgeable and accommodating. Never was rushed for time and offered added advice to make the whole experience a true success. Thank you Chris for all you have done to make my hearing so much better!”
–Martine Young

“I couldn’t have asked for better service, and now I can hear perfectly.”
-Lori Anderson, Dover

“I am amazed by the little things that I now can hear such as the ticking of a battery operated clock in the kitchen – I didn’t know it made any noise.”
–Cornell McLellan
“My husband Dick goes to Chris and he is very happy with the service that he gets from him. He is very accommodating. ”
–Janet Sylvester
–Henry Babcock
“Friendly, professional, and and amazing person. He was very knowledgeable about my hearing, what I needed, and why.”
–Wendy Graves


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