So, what makes us so great?

Good hearing and life is emotional! It’s uplifting and has a beauty all its own. When you hear your son for the first time since you haven’t seen him on months, or your father’s laughter when hears a joke you told him, it’s emotional and it’s wonderful!

We often take communication for granted

After all, we always used to do it with ease and thought nothing of it. In actuality, speaking and communication is one thing that really propelled the human race into success! The dolphin swims, the cheetah runs fast, and we speak and formulate speech. It’s the basis of complex, problem solving thinking. We’re not the fastest or the strongest, but we can process language. Our humanity and hearing is an essential part of the process!

The magic of communication is when one person formulates an idea in his or her head and speaks, and that idea is reassembled in the head or heads of others who are listening. What an amazing feat! The problem is when a person has hearing loss and he or she has to guess harder to understand the other person. Often because hearing loss has been around for awhile, a person does not realize they are expending a lot of energy guessing to understand. Often times, the guess is not right. Often other people realize you are not hearing and may get angry and not even bother trying anymore. Lots of times if hearing loss goes untreated, there is a slow and negative change in a persons brain, habits, and life.

Good hearing helps promote good relationships

A famous broadway star once said, “There is nothing like listening to laughter in real time. It washes over you. It is molecular.” It’s all about the relationships in our lives. That’s the magic.

Good hearing empowers us and helps us connect with people. During the isolation of the COVID-19 pandemic can you remember how it felt to be cut off from the richness of the world you knew! This is the same! Good hearing keeps us connected, our mind working, our imagination working and thinking constructive and healthy thoughts. Remember when hearing loss causes depression and isolation, good hearing wards off these negative effects. This is the unseen magic of good hearing. Just because you can’t see it or point to it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist, because it does. When you can hear your grandchildren telling you a story or a good friend telling you about his or her day, because these bonds are so precious to you, that’s why it’s important to treat your hearing loss.

And what about safety? Without hearing it can be dangerous out there! My great aunt was snowmobiling in Canada and was killed by a truck because she couldn’t hear it over the drone of the snowmobile engine! How do you know someone is knocking on your door for help if your television is so loud you miss it! Good hearing is so important, it enables us to lead our everyday lives without limitations. It enables use to socialize, work, relax, and communicate. 

Good hearing is emotional! It’s part of your soul. Without it, your humanity is diminished and you’re sad!

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